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Abscess Drainage


What Is An Abscess?

  • A localized collection of pus surrounded by soft tissue inflammation

  • Cellulitis (bacterial infection of skin and underlying tissues) may or may not be present​

  • Can occur anywhere, but usually occurs on the buttocks, lower extremities, breasts, groin, and axillary regions (under arms)


  • ​An abscess typically presents as being:

    • painful

    • swollen

    • fluctuant (soft & squishy)

    • inflamed (redness)

    • indurated (hardness)

  • Cellulitis typically presents as:

    • tender inflammation extended beyond site of abscess​

  • Causes: insect bite, unknown cause, trauma, paronychia, secondary infection of epidermoid cysts

How Do You Treat / Remove An Abscess?

  • Treated due to pain and concern for infection 

  • Definitive treatment of an abscess is incision and drainage alone (i.e. without antibiotics). If cellulitis is also present, then antibiotics will be indicated. The need for antibiotics will be determined at time of procedure. 

  • Wound Culture is not typically needed unless purulent drainage continues after initial incision and drainage.

  • 1981MD treats abscesses via incision and loop drainage

    • Loop drainage removes the need for daily packing and the pain associated with it

  • 1981MD does not treat pilonidal cysts/abcesses or perianal abcesses. See a general surgeon for consultation as these abscesses tend to involve deeper tissues and have the potential to form sinus tracts that are not capable of being treated in the office.



Facial abscesses can be deadly as the infection has the potential to spread to the brain depending on the location. Typically facial abscesses should be treated with antibiotics, in addition to, incision and drainage.


Complicated finger/hand/foot abscesses require consultation with orthopedics as improper treatment may lead to contracture and disruption of normal motor function.

If you think an abscess has occurred due to a puncture from a rusty nail or metal, please see your Primary Care Physician or Urgent Care for evaluation and treatment; a Tetanus injection may be required. 1981MD does not carry Tetanus vaccines.

Incision & Drainage of Abscess

Abscess formation in infected Sebaceous

Local Anesthesia:



no; a drain will be placed


mild - moderate






starting at $59

BasicProcedure Package:

  • a procedure visit and one office or telemedicine visit within 14 days  

  • Patient responsible for other costs

    • Rx to be sent to pharmacy

    • Labs will be billed to insurance

    • Additional follow-up visits will be $40 [video/phone] and $90 [office]


**100% of the payment is due at time of service. **

1981MD does not accept insurance. Payment is accepted via cash or credit/debit card.

Additional charges may apply.

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