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DPN Removal


What Are DPNs?

  • Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra is a type of seborrheic keratosis which consists of benign skin growths

  • They commonly occur on the face, chest, and back. Higher incidence of persons with higher melanin content. They increasingly appear as we age. 


  • Typically presents as multiple, thick, tan/brown/black pigmented, slightly raised areas on the surface of the skin. 

  • Caused by genetics

How Do You Treat / Remove DPNs?

  • Usually treated due to cosmetic reasons 

  • 1981MD removes DPNs surgically via electrodessication or topical compounded gel.



DPN's can sometimes be confused with skin cancers. It may be determined at time of consultation that it would be best to have it removed by a surgical dermatologist to ensure that it is not melanoma (skin cancer).

DPN Removal

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Local Anesthesia:





none - mild


not likely


not likely


starting at $99

BasicProcedure Package:

  • Includes 30 days of 'as needed' telemedicine visits 

  • Patient responsible for other costs

    • Rx to be sent to pharmacy

    • Labs will be billed to insurance

    • Additional follow-up visits after 30 days will be $29 [video/phone] and $49 [office]


**100% of the payment is due at time of service. **

1981MD does not accept insurance. Payment is accepted via cash or credit/debit card.

Additional charges may apply.

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