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A ‘red eye’ has many causes, but the most common cause is conjunctivitis which is commonly referred to as pink eye.  The leading causes of pink eye are allergies, viruses, or bacteria. It is most often spread through contaminated hands or sharing personal items. 

The type of eye discharge will help in determining the type of pink eye you have. All forms of pink eye can cause eye matting in the morning, but only a thick, non-watery discharge will be present in a bacterial infection. The other types of pink eye will have a watery discharge.

Viral pink eye treatment is supportive care with cold compresses and over-the-counter eye drops for symptoms; antibiotic eye drops will not cure a viral infection. Your symptoms should resolve within 10 days; If not, then seek an in-person eye examination. We can send a prescription for an anti-inflammatory eye drop if desired. 


Allergic pink eye treatment consist of antihistamine eye drops; there are a few that can be found over-the-counter. There is also a prescription only allergy eye drop that we can send.


Bacterial pink eye treatment is an antibiotic eye drop or ointment that requires a prescription. 


Proper hand-washing will help decrease the spread of viral and bacterial pink eye.


For Telemedicine visits: We do not prescribe steroid eye drops. If you are experiencing a red eye that has failed multiple prescription medication therapies and you have not had an eye exam, please see: (1) your Primary Care Physician, (2) your Ophthalmologist, or (3) an Urgent Care Clinic. 

What causes Pink Eye/ Conjunctivitis?

How do I tell the difference between the different types of Pink Eye?

How do you treat Pink Eye?

Please contact your physician to discuss treatment if you:

  • have a current episode of pink eye that has failed a prescription only treatment with no eye exam

  • are under the age of 18                            

  • are experiencing vision loss

  • concerned about having a corneal abrasion [scratch]

  • experienced a chemical burn to your eye

  • concerned about having herpes zoster of the eye

  • concerned about having a foreign body in the eye

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