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Skin Tag Removal


What Are Skin Tags?

  • Acrochordons are non-cancerous overgrowths of the skin 

  • They are common and increase with age

  • Usually located on areas of the body with increased friction  [neck, underarm, groin area]

  • They range from being skin colored to brown and are usually connected to the skin by a stalk


How Do You Treat / Remove Skin Tags?

  • Usually removed due to irritation or for cosmetic reasons

  • Typically no need to send off for pathology unless they look atypical

  • 1981MD removes skin tags by various methods depending on number, size, and location

    • removed via Electrosurgery or Shave /Scissor Excision

  • Usually no suture is required, however, if the skin tag is large it will have increased blood flow and may require sutures



Skin tags can sometimes be confused with moles or skin cancers. It may be determined at time of consultation that it would be best to have it removed by a surgical dermatologist to ensure that it is not melanoma (skin cancer).

Skin Tag Removal

Closed up the skin tags on woman's skin

Local Anesthesia:



not likely


none - mild


not likely


not likely



BasicProcedure Package:

  • a procedure visit AND one office or telemedicine visit within 14 days  

  • Patient responsible for other costs

    • Rx to be sent to pharmacy

    • Labs will be billed to insurance

    • Additional follow-up visits will be $29 [video/phone] and $49 [office]


**100% of the payment is due at time of service. **

1981MD does not accept insurance. Payment is accepted via cash or credit/debit card.

Additional charges may apply.

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